Tributaries, Vol. II: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


"'The Log Train’ : Hank Williams’ Last Song" by David Anderson and Patrick Huber, "Steve Renfroe, Rube Burrow and Railroad Bill: Alabama’s Outlaw/Heroes" by Alan Brown, " ‘Even the Houses Die!" The Poisoning and Demise of Sweet Valley, Alabama" by Suzanne Marshall, " "‘My Great-Grandmother Was A Cherokee Princess:’ The Unknown Indians of the South" by Fred Fussell, and "Because We Care: Competence in Performance by African-American Women in Wiregrass Alabama" by Jerrilyn McGregory, plus book and record reviews and obituaries. 

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Tributaries, Vol. III: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


"Southern Graveshelters and English Lych-Gates" by Gregory Jeane, "The Skylines Farms Band Plays for President and Mrs. Roosevelt" by David Campbell, "The Piney Woods Regional Folklife Project" by Carolyn Ware, and " 'That Dirt Was Good': Geophagy in Alabama's Black Belt" by Patrick McIntyre, plus book and record reviews.

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Tributaries, Vol. IV: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


"'I'm Not Handy, I Had Mine Made': Christmas Curb Lights as Expression of
Individual and Community Aesthetics" by Ann K. Ferrell; "'As Long as Time Lasts': Ritual, Alliance, and Cultural Survival in Creek Indian Origin/Migration Narratives" by Larry Ellis; "Hearts of Steel: The Story of John Catchings, Joe Gelders, and a Ballad" by Joyce Cauthen, plus reviews of the film "Sweet Is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portrait" and Alan Browns' book, Shadows and Cypress--Southern Ghost Stories.

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Tributaries, Vol. V: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


This special thematic issue focuses on Alabama’s contribution to the blues genre:
"The Life and Death of Pioneer Bluesman Butler ‘String Beans’ May by Doug Seroff and Lynn Abbott; "Butler County Blues," by Kevin Nutt; "Tracking Down a Legend: The ‘Jaybird’ Coleman Story" by James Patrick Cather; "A Life of the Blues" by Willie King, with photo essay by Axel Kustner; "Livingston, Alabama, Blues: The significance of Vera Ward Hall" by Jerrilyn McGregory;" and "Chasing John Henry in Alabama and Mississippi" by John Garst plus reviews of two CDs, The Traditional Musics of Alabama, Vol. I and Alabama: From Lullabies to Blues.

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Tributaries, Vol. VI: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


Alabama's First Folklife Celebration: The Brief, Mostly Happy Life of FolkCenter South" by Jim Brown, with photo essay by Mark Gooch; "'You Got Family Here': Family Reunions in Lower Alabama" by Stephen and Samantha Criswell; "Tracking Down Alabama Indian Trails: Our Elders and the History of the Land" by Lamar Marshall; "Mozell Benson" by Anne Kimzey and Joyce Cauthen, plus reviews of Kay Norton's new book on the history of "Mercer's Cluster," Volume 2 of the CD series "The Traditional Musics of Alabama," and two books, a CD, and a video associated with the exhibition "Quilts of Gee's Bend.

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Tributaries, Vol. VII: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


"Roots Running Deep: Picking Mayhaws" by Lori A. Sawyer
"Confronting the Big House and Other Stereotypes in the Short Stories of Ruby Pickens" Tartt by Tina Naremore Jones "Going to the Boomalatta: Narrating Black Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama" by Kern Jackson
"In Memoriam: Bicky McLain, 1905-2004" by John Bealle

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Tributaries, Vol. VIII: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


“A Perpetual Stew: The Roots of Mobile’s Culinary Heritage” by Susan Thomas
“Bringing Alabama Home: An Ethnographer’s Sense of Self” by Dana Borrelli
“Red Hot and Blue: Spotlight on Five Alabama Blues Women” by Kathy Bailey and Debbie Bond
“Maintaining Mexican Identity in Birmingham” by Charles Kelley

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Tributaries, Vol. IX Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


River Redhorse and the Seasonal Snaring Thereof in Alabama
Jim Brown
Heritage Gardening
Jason Powell
Southern Pineywoods Cattle
Charles M. Simon
Yakni-The Binding Force: Nature and Culture Among the MOWA Choctaw of Alabama
Loretta A. Cormier, Jacqueline A. Matte, Reva Lee Reed, and Cedric Sunray
Remembering George Stritikus
Carole King

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Tributaries, Vol. X Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


 This special edition of Tributaries focuses on the way we speak in Alabama.  Guest Editor Thomas E. Nunnally of Auburn University assembled a team of 12 linguists who contributed lively essays written in terms a non-linguiest can understand and enjoy.

Exploring Alabama's Language Tributaries by Thomas E. Nunnally

Multilingual Alabama by Michael D. Picone

Southern American English in Alabama  by Catherine Evans Davies

Just what I the Southern Drawl?  by Crawford Feagin

South in Your Mouth? Vowels and Identity in Huntsville, Alabama by Rachael Allbritten

The Monophthongization of [ai] in Elba and the Environs: A community Study by Anna Head Oggs

To [a:] or Not To [a:] on the Gulf Coast of Alabama by Jocelyn Doxsey

"They Sound better Than We Do": Language Attitudes in Alabama by J. Daniel Hasty

Code-switching Between African-American and Standard English: The Rules, the Roles, and the Rub by Kimberly Johnson with Thomas E. Nunnally

College Writers as Alabama Storytellers by Charlotte Brammer

Tsalagi Language Revitalization and the Echota Cherokee by Robin Sabino

Appendices by Thomas E.  Nunnally
  A: The Sounds of English and southern English
  B: a Glossary of Select Linguistic Term
  C: Web Sources for Further Study



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Tributaries, Volume XI: Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


Contents: "A Mighty Man...A Great Man": Preserving the Legend of John Henry in Leeds, Alabama (by Susan Thomas); Communal Living the the Heart of Dixie (by Thomas Michael Kersen); "For the Amusement of the Boys": John Mealing, Railroad Caller (by Jim Brown); In Memorium: Art Deason, Nora Ezell, Willie King, and Al Thomas. Book Reviews: Little Zion: A Church Baptized by Fire by Shelly O'Foran (Jim Carnes); Mobile Ghosts II: The Waterline by Elizabeth Parker (Alan Brown); A Sacred Feast: Reflections on Sacred Harp Singing and Dinner on the Ground by Kathryn Eastburn (Joyce Cauthen); Ragged But Right: Black Traveling Shows, "Coon Songs," and the Dark Pathway to Blues and Jazz by Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff (Steve Grauberger);

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Tributaries, Vol. 12 :Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association

picture of Tributaries  Vol. 12

Issue No. 12, 2010


 Singing Buildings in Wiregrass Alabama by Jerrilyn McGregory

Japheth Jackson and the Jackson Memorial Singing by Joey Brackner 

"A Joyful Sound": The Church Music of Covington County, Alabama by Randall Bradley 

Singers, Singing-school Teachers, Songwriters, Editors, and Publishers of Shape-note Gospel Music in Alabama By Steve Graubergrer

Roots of Birmingham's Gospel Quartet Training Culture: Spiritual Singing at Industrial High School by Lynn Abbot and Doug Seroff


Camp Fasola: Teaching "Tradition" by Jonathon M. Smith

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Tributaries Issue 13: Alabama's Food Traditions


A mouthwatering read just in time for the holiday season, Tributaries #13 will present Alabama's food traditions such as stews, barbecue clubs, gumbo, lacy cornbread, and sweet potato pie as well as other topics that might remind you of some of your favorite home cooked meals or shared experiences with friends and family.  Contributors to the journal include Linda Vice, an Alabama Community Scholar and member of the AFA Board of Directors;  Sylvia Stephens, former Secretary to the AFA Board of Directors and also an Alabama Community Scholar;  and Jessica Lacher-Feldman, another esteemed member of the AFA Board of Directors.  Director Emeritus, Joyce Cauthen, contributed an essay and so did other Alabama Community Scholars, William S. Allen, Emily Blejwas, and Susan Thomas.  Another contributor, Valerie Pope Burnes, Director of the Center for the Study of the Black Belt, University of West Alabama, has worked on contract with the AFA to conduct fieldwork.  Allen, Cauthen, Stephens, and Thomas have also completed research for the AFA.

Price: $10.00
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