Tributaries, Vol. X Journal of the Alabama Folklife Association


 This special edition of Tributaries focuses on the way we speak in Alabama.  Guest Editor Thomas E. Nunnally of Auburn University assembled a team of 12 linguists who contributed lively essays written in terms a non-linguiest can understand and enjoy.

Exploring Alabama's Language Tributaries by Thomas E. Nunnally

Multilingual Alabama by Michael D. Picone

Southern American English in Alabama  by Catherine Evans Davies

Just what I the Southern Drawl?  by Crawford Feagin

South in Your Mouth? Vowels and Identity in Huntsville, Alabama by Rachael Allbritten

The Monophthongization of [ai] in Elba and the Environs: A community Study by Anna Head Oggs

To [a:] or Not To [a:] on the Gulf Coast of Alabama by Jocelyn Doxsey

"They Sound better Than We Do": Language Attitudes in Alabama by J. Daniel Hasty

Code-switching Between African-American and Standard English: The Rules, the Roles, and the Rub by Kimberly Johnson with Thomas E. Nunnally

College Writers as Alabama Storytellers by Charlotte Brammer

Tsalagi Language Revitalization and the Echota Cherokee by Robin Sabino

Appendices by Thomas E.  Nunnally
  A: The Sounds of English and southern English
  B: a Glossary of Select Linguistic Term
  C: Web Sources for Further Study



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