Traditional Musics of Alabama, Volume 4 African-America Sacred Harp Singing

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 This CD is the Fourth in the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture's Millennium Series, produced by Steve Grauberger. Recorded in 1980 in Ozark Alabama by Brenda and Steve McCallum. This is a newly digitized and revised release originally produced by Hank Willett with the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture and Doris Dyen as the LP "Wiregrass Notes: Black Sacred Harp Singing From Southeast Alabama." Included are the songs in the original release plus 13 additional songs taken from original event recordings.

1) Amazing Grace
2) Shades of Night
3) Prosperity
4) Life is the Time to Serve the Lord
5) Desire for Piety
6) The Signs of the Judgement
7) Murillo's Lesson
8) I'm Wandering To and Fro
9) My Mother's Gone
10) Pisgah
11) The Road to Life and Death
12) New Jerusalem
13) We Will Sing With the Angels There
14) Trusting Jesus
15) Columbus
16) Praise the Lord
17) Hinder Me Not
18) Children of the Heavenly King
19) Winning Souls
20) Dying Boy (musical example mp3)
21) Cuba
22) We'll Meet Over There
23) That Sweet Home
24) Forever Blest
25) Am I a Soldier of the Cross
26) a. Florida Storm
b. Give Me Just a Little More Time
c. Closing Prayer by Dewey Williams
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