Traditional Musics of Alabama, Volume 3 2002 Sacred Harp


 This CD is the third in the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture's Millennium Series, produced by Steve Grauberger. Recorded June 14th 2002 at the National Sacred Harp Convention at Trinity United Methodist Church, Birmingham, Alabama. Program notes were written by John Bealle.
" In June of each year, on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that precede the third Sunday of the month, singers from around the nation and across the oceans gather in Birmingham, Alabama, for three days of vigorous singing from the shape note tunebook, the Sacred Harp. The occasion that brings them together is the National Sacred Harp Singing Convention, an event that draws from a deep-rooted tradition of public congregational singing. This recording of the 23rd session of the National Sacred Harp Singing Convention celebrates this important event." (John Bealle)
1) New Britain p.45
2) Return Again p335
3) Evening Shade p209
4) Happy Sailor p.338
5) Milford p.272
6) New Agatite p.485
7) Warrenton p.145
8) Schenectady p.192
9) Vernon p.95
10) Confidence p.270
11) Save, Lord, or We Shall Perish p.224
12) When I Am Gone p.339
13) Exhortation p.272
14) Dying Minister p.83
15) Northfield p.155
16) I’m On My Journey Home p345b
17) Blooming Youth p.176
18) Mear p49B
19) Stratfield p.142
20) Love Shall Never Die p.278T
21) Corley p.510
22) Delight p.216
23) Heavenly Land p.303
24) Panting For Heaven p.384
25) Mercy's Free p.337
26) Can I Leave You p.358B
27) Primrose p.47T
28) David's Lamentation p.268
29) Alabama p.196
30) Arbacoochee p.430
31) Fairfield p.29T
32) Christians Farewell p.347
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