Sweet is the Day


Sweet is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portrait

A 60-minute video available in VHS and DVD format (please choose format you want below).

Study guide to Sweet is the Day (PDF format) is downloadable below.
To view it on-line and obtain much background information on Sacred Harp Singing go to Folkstreams.Net
This video tells the story of the Woottens, one of the singing families who have helped Sacred Harp music survive and flourish for more than 150 years. Filmmakers Erin Kellen and Jim Carnes intertwine in Sweet is the Day scenes of family gatherings, singing conventions, and farm life on Alabama’s Sand Mountain with family recollections and more than a dozen songs from the revered shape-note tradition. The songs--performed with technical mastery, emotional power and a breath-taking blend of voices—are central to "Sweet is the Day."
As this video reveals, Sacred Harp singing has always been more than music. For inheritors like the Woottens the tradition is a life-shaping force. The enclosed 44-page film guide, by John Bealle, further explains the history of Sacred Harp singing, discusses the many traditions attached to it such as singing schools and "dinner on the grounds" and looks beyond Sand Mountain to the large and enthusiastic community of Sacred Harp singers across the nation.


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