June 25-27: Community Scholars and Others Doing Folklore Projects in Alabama To Gather at Cheaha State Park

View from Mount Cheaha Meetings will be held in Bald Rock Lodge Paddy Bowman interviews  Tom Boozer, a master South Carolina decoy carver

     Graduates of the Alabama Community Scholars Institute (ACSI) and others doing projects in Alabama folk culture have been invited to gather at Cheaha State Park this summer for a weekend reunion and retreat.  In Bald Rock Lodge, atop the state’s highest mountain, they will be able to renew friendships, gather information and return to their communities energized.
     The weekend workshops will focus on the topics of food and work.  Scholars will discuss foods and occupations that are of special importance in their communities. Lucy Long, a professor of folklore at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, is well known for her work in food studies and culinary tourism and will lead a foodways workshop. Paddy Bowman will lead the occupational folklore workshop. She is director of Local Learning, the National Network for Folk Arts in Education. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Bowman specializes in training teachers to use folklore in the classroom.  
     Scholars will also view digital recording equipment  and a digital camera purchased by the AFA for loan to fieldworkers..  Those wishing to learn how to record interviews and successfully download audio and photo files to computers, CDs and DVDs will have an opportunity for hands-on practice.
Who may attend:
  • Graduates of the three Alabama Community Scholars Institutes
  • Those who have not attended ACSI but are doing folklife-related projects in Alabama.  If you have a compelling reason to attend, use the “Contact Us” form to explain why you would like to participate in the Community Scholars Summit.
The event will start on Friday evening, June 25, after dinner and end at noon on Sunday.  A listing of workshop times and other activities will be sent to registered participants.
AFA will provide Saturday breakfast lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast; guests will be in charge of their own meals on Friday night and Sunday noon. Also the AFA will provide lodging at no cost to the Community Scholars, unless they wish to have a private room for which they will be charged $75-$100.
Deadline:  Community Scholars must let us know of their intention to attend before April 1.  Others attending must apply as noted above by March 25.