Fellowship Awards Announced: Joyce H. Cauthen Fellowship Fund


The Alabama Folklife Association is proud to announce the second research projects to be awarded grants from the Joyce H. Cauthen Fellowship Fund.  These diverse projects are consistent with the mission of the Fund and the Alabama Folklife Association and could not have been made possible without the generous support of the many donors and the hard work of volunteers who continue to serve on the Cauthen Fund Committee.


Second Round


Prospect Quilt Documentation Project, Walker County Alabama by Denise Dutton Benshoof.

The History and Folklife of Latino Communities in Eastern Alabama by Dr. Ethan P. Sharp (Independent Scholar)


First Round

1.) Former director of the Folk Arts program, National Endowment for the Arts, and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, Dr. Alan Jabbour, and photographer, Karen Singer Jabbour, will be documeting the state's rural and small-town cemeteries.  As stated by Jabbour, the research will contirbute to a book that will present and analyze "the cultural features of rural Southern cemeteries more broadly."  The Alabama Folklife Association is priveledged to support the research conducted by the Jabbours, who are accomplished scholars, authors, and curators.  Like the other projects, their research will be a signficant contribution to the collections accessioned and preserved by the Archive of Alabama Folk Culture.


2.) Jennifer Joy Jameson, a graduate student at Western Kentucky University and Sarah Ruth Carter, a musician and accomplished educator, will be researching the tradition of wart healing and other related medicinal practices in Marion County, Alabama.  The research, to include the documentation of the education and process of being designated a wart healer in addition to the various practices performed, will contribute to a broader understanding of a "community's cultural and spiritual worldview, traditions, priorities, and identities" as stated in the proposal.  The Cauthen Fund committee is looking forward to furthering the interests and dedication to folklife of these two young professionals and encourage their continued pursuit of producing an educational product based on their research.


3.)  Susan Thomas, an Alabama Community Scholar and contributor to Tributaries, will be researching the traditions of Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile, Alabama as an oral history and documentation project to contribute to a future book.  Constructed in 1940, the base brought together persons from diverse backgrounds and a culture developed, establishing traditions around work and creating a collective memory and sense of community through shared experiences.  This topic will be new to the Alabama Folklife Association and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Thomas on documenting and presenting the cultural heritage of the Mobile Bay area and Gulf Coast region of the state.



In 2010 Joyce Cauthen retired as the first paid Executive Director of the Alabama Folklife Association (AFA).  Her dedication to the AFA began over 20 years ago.  For 12 years Joyce was a volunteer and committed member of the Board of Directors.  Her leadership led to the establishment of her role as Executive Director, a position she held for 10 years of service.  To express its gratitude to her work and achievements, the Board of Directors passed a resolution creating the Joyce H. Cauthen Fellowship Fund and announced the program to Joyce at the AFA annual meeting in Belk, Alabama on Saturday, November 13, 2010.


Each year, the fund will provide grants to individuals or programs to support research, documentation, and preservation of Alabama music and other Alabama folk traditions.  To date the fund has raised $11,760.00 and the AFA will continue to seek contributions at any level.  The fund has the support of 18 Jumping Bullfrogs, 23 Gum Stumping Possums, and 6 City Stage Performers.  If you have any questions, you may contact the Alabama Folklife Association at

     alabamafolklife@att.net or P: 205-956-9888.                                             

 Giving Levels:

Ø  $500.00 or more: City Stages Performer

Ø  $100 to $499: Gum Stumping Possum

Ø  $0 to $99: Jumping Bullfrog


To contribute, make checks payable to the Alabama Folklife Association or AFA and mail to the following address:

    Alabama Folklife Association

    P.O. Box 4697

    Montgomery, AL  36103-4697


The AFA is a 501C3 nonprofit therefore your donations are tax-deductible.
THANK YOU DONORS!   For a complete list, see the attachment below.
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