Common Threads: Alabama's Quilting Traditions

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Common Threads on Facebook here!              OVERVIEW FLYER -- HERE --copies can be provided for handing out---

Alabama Community Scholars Institute 2014--Information posted on our "Training Institutes" page -- Click Here  If you have any questions- contact or Phone 205.956.9888

Session 4:  October 24-25 Greensboro---Details and registration on Eventbrite.  

Friday program registration HERE  or contact AFA, -- all we need is a name and email address.  P: 205-956-9888.  Saturday workshop --details and registration, HERE.

Closest places to stay are Marion, Demopolis, Selma, and Tuscaloosa.   University of Alabama football will be an away game in Tennessee. 

Sylivia and I are staying at the B and B downtown, so if you want to join us, contact me and I can reserve a room and let you know the price. 

Thank you for your patience.   

Session 5 SELMA _ -- New dates -- we had to reschedule ---- October 31 (Halloween) and November 1:   Selma, Alabama.  The theme for Selma is heirloom quilts.  Speakers include author and quilter Agnes Pool who will discuss documenting and preserving your family heirlooms.  Archivist and Chair, Black Heritage Council, Ms. Frazine Taylor, will provide information on researching family history.  If you are researching any other quilter, not necessarily family, learning how to navigate archival collections is important.  These primary resources can reveal a wealth of information.  That afternoon we will have a Show and Tell, so bring a family heirloom!  We will then go to the home of ancestors and ghosts, the historic Old Live Oak Cemetery and the rest is being organized.  

Session 5 -Registration on Eventbrite:       Program on Friday Here               Workshop  on Saturday Here         


Session 6:  November 14-15 Auburn;  Featured artist Mozell Benson

Common Threads: Empowering Communities through Education in the Arts is a series of six programs and workshops on Alabama's quilting traditions, June - October 2014.

Mission:  Common Threads will feature Alabama's great quilting traditions; provide hands-on community workshops; promote local artists; enhance arts-based development; support education in the traditional arts; and provide Alabama Community Scholars Institute 2014 Certificate in Material Culture Studies.  Information will be available soon.

Common Threads is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  The first session will be in Birmingham, Alabama June 27-28 and the second will be in Camden and Gee's Bend, July 25-26.  Each workshop will include a day-long program on Friday with educational lectures and presentations as well as several hours dedicated to an Alabama quilter or quilting tradition.  On Saturday morning, the local community will be invited to participate in a hands-on workshop where they will learn a quilt-making technique.  Registration for Saturday will be required.  Participants are encouraged to bring an apprentice. Some workshops will be free and others will have a small fee to cover transportation, supplies, food, and refreshments when necessary. Four of the workshops will take place in the Black Belt Heritage Area to support the Black Belt Quilt Trail, a project of Black Belt Treasurers Cultural Arts Center.

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