Byron Arnold Lecture tour 1946


Byron Arnold Lecture Tour, 1946

Table compiled by the author, from materials in the Byron Arnold Papers, W.W. Hoole Special Collections, University of Alabama Libraries 

January-March, 1946 Fairhope, Music Study Club
Tuscaloosa, Univ of Alabama Research Council
April 23, 1946 Tuscaloosa, University Women's Club (100 people present)
April 25, 1946 Tuscaloosa, Kettledrum Club (50 people)
May 9, 1946 Birmingham, Folk Song Section of the State Convention of Music Clubs, Tutwiler Hotel (60 people present)
May 18, 1946 Tuscaloosa, Amelia Gayle Gorgas Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy (25 people present)
July 15, 1946 Tuscaloosa, Kiwanis Club
August 19, 1946 Mobile, American Association of University Women
November 29, 1946 Birmingham, joint meeting of the South Atlantic Modem Language Association and the Southern Folklore Society, Tutwiler Hotel
December 4, 1946 Enterprise, Enterprise Music Study Club
December 6, 1946 Fairhope, Baldwin County Folk Festival Convention
December 13, 1946 Tuscaloosa, United Daughters of the Confederacy
January 19, 1947 Tuscaloosa, Faculty Concert Series, Morgan Hall, "Music of the Americas," Morgan Hall, Arline Hanke soprano, Byron Arnold folk-lorist
February, 1947 Birmingham, Birmingham Music Club
February 10, 1947 Tuscaloosa, "Little Concerts," Univ of Ala Radio Broadcasting Services Program # 16. Monday, Feb 10, 1947, 1:30-1:45. Arline Hanke, Lyric-Dramatic Soprano; Byron Arnold, Accompanist; Script, Elanor Hatton; Production, Gradon Ausmus; Broadcast: WAPI Birmingham, WMSL Decatur, WLAY Sheffield, WBHP Huntsville, WCOV Montgomery, WHTB Tal1adega, WTBC Tuscaloosa. Text of program included, for example, "...Miss Hanke will sing first, "I Heard the Angels Sing" which was contributed to this collection by Alma Robinson of Florence..."
March 11, 1947 Birmingham, Birmingham Music Club, YMHA, "Music of the Americas." Sung by Mrs. Annette Townsend Day, contralto; Mr. Arnold at the piano.
March 27,1947 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Music Study Club, "an entire evening of folk songs and dances which I directed"
Spring, 1947 South Alabama Performance Tour: Greenville, Evergreen Elementary School, Evergreen High School, Evergreen, Monroeville, Frisco High School, Frisco City, Jackson High School, Jackson, Chatom, Butler. "In a recent tour through south Alabama of faculty and students from the Music Department, twelve concerts were given before audiences totaling almost four thousand. Some of the folk song arrangements were included in each concert giving wide and favorable publicity to the project."
April 23, 1947 Selma, Selma Music Club (with Arline Hanke)
April 7,1947 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa High School Assembly (with Arline Hanke)
June,26,1947 Birmingham, Birmingham College of Music (with Arline Hanke)
April-September, 1947 Montgomery, State Convention of Federated Music Clubs (with Arline Hanke)
Birmingham, Birmingham Music Study Club (with Arline Hanke)
December 3, 1947 Selma Music Study Club