Byron Arnold Itinerary

# Myrtle Love Hester—"Drunkard's Song," "Tribute to Roosevelt"

Sunday, June 8

# Esther Hester—"Hungrann," "Jolly Neighbor," "Tura- Tura-Le," "Letters from my Lover," "Oh Johnny Dear," "For the Love of a Butcher Boy"

Monday, June 9

# Mrs. Emma Craig—"Frog Went A-Courtin'," "Goober Peas," "Paper of Pins"
# Rev. Burns—"Blind Child," "Cottage Horne"
# Rev. Alex Fountain—"Tall Angel at the Bar," "Clear de Line," "I Heard the Angels Singing," "Workin' on de Building"
# Mildred Meadows—"Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley"
# Alma Robinson—"On My Way," "Lord Guide My Feet," "In the Army of the Lord"

Tuesday, June 10

# Zimmer Holding—"Trottin' Song," "Cabin Song"

# Mrs. Lena Hill—"The Three Babes," "Last Night I Dreamed of My True Love," "Oh Sinner Hear While I Relate," "As I Stepped Out," "The Time Is Drawing Near"
# Mrs. Griffin—"Barbara Allen"

# Mr. Joe M. Jacks Jr.—"Carrier Dove," "Laurie Burkens"
# Mrs. Jacks—"Dutch Warble," "Rosen the Bow"
# Mrs. C. N. Crick—"Dutch Warble"
# Martha Nathan Drisdale—"The Old Gray Cat," "Green Gravel," "Riggety-Jig," "Bower of Roses," "Gwinta Getta Home, Bye-bye," "The Pigeon House," "The Farmer," "Like a Leaf or Feather," "Let Your Feet Tramp-Tramp"

# Miss Mary Wallace Kirk—"We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder," "Saw Teeny, Saw Teeny," "Ole Dan Tucker," "There's a Man Going Roun'," "You Goin to Need Somebody on your Band," "I Want to be Ready," "God Be With You Till We Meet Again"

Thursday, June 12

Ft. Payne
# Mrs. Evelyn Estes—"True Lovers Never Part," "Boil the Cabbage Down"

# Miss Lola Neely—"Barbara Allen"

Friday, June 13

Ft Payne
# Mrs. Evelyn Estes—"I'll Remember You Love in My Dreams," "The Curtain of Night"

# Stence Crozier—"Tampin' Ties," "Gradin' or Pickin'," "Linin' Track," "Layin' Rails," "Ready and Hum," "Railroad Calls," "Dealing and Loading"
# Dora Priest—"All My Sins Been Taken Away," "Plenty Good Room," "My Soul's So Happy," "Don' Stay Away"
# Joe Randle—"Say! Say! Say!"

# Mrs. Janie Barnard Couch—"Trottin Song," "Come Butter," "Niggely Naggely," "Valley-O," "Kitty Malone," "Towneo," "I'm Goin to the West," "Wedding of Bean Rock Hollow," "Indian Song," "Raccoon," "Walk Tom Walker," "Lank Dank Kimo"
# Mrs. Jennie Chandler—"Where Are the Hebrew Children," "Sally Ann," "Settin' Down," "Wish I Was Single Again," "I Bought Me A Chicken"

Mon-Tue, June 16-17

# Vera Hall & Doc Reed—"Two Wings Sail Away," "If I Died on the Battlefield," "Another Man Done Gone," "Little Lap Dog," "Hol' de Gate," "Honey in de Rock," "Love Comes Twinkling Down," "Low Down the Chariot," "John Saw that Number," "Low Down Death Right Easy," "Good Bye Sammy," "Climb Up Zion," "Moanin," "Oh Lord, I Thank You for the Risin of the sun," "Oh Death Tis Awful," "Ridin' In a Buggy," "Candy Girl," "Sammy," "Lawd, Thank You for the Risin Sun," "Stagalee," "Low Down Chariot," "John Saw De Number," "Low Down, Death Right Easy" "Hearse Keep Rollin'," "In That Land," "Free At Last"
# Dock Reed—"I'm So Glad"
# Vera Hall—"Black Woman," "Man Done Gone," "Tie Tampin," "Workin' All Summer," "Stagalee," "Didn't You Hear My Lord Call," "Long As I Can de Spirit," "Ridin in Buggy," "Sally Walker," "Old Arks a Movin'," "Clear de Line," "Ole Cow Shiverin' in de Cool Water," "Workin' on the Building," "There's Sumpin on My Mind," "Is Ya All Hid," "Speckled Lady," "Rosie Baby Rosie"

Mon-Tue, June 16-17 (cont.)

Livingston (cont.)
# Ruby Pickens Tartt—"In A Right Heart," "Dog Flea," "Job-o-Job," "Tell De News," "Wheel O' Time," "Juny and Jane," "Sally Go Rain," "Good News," "De World Can't Do Me No Harm," "God Worried With Ya Wicked Ways,""God Knows I Am the One," "Casey Jones," "Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo"
# "Pelechatchie" (Emanuel Jones)—"I Lay Down Last Night to Take My Rest," "Tie Tampin Song," "Sift Your Meal and Sow You Bean," "Can't Make a Livin on Sandy Lane," "Oh Capn' Did you Hear About," "Linin Track,"
# Molly Lou&mdash—"Peek-a-boo," "Jimmy and James and Me," "Sally Go Round"

Wednesday, June 25

# Isabel Tipton—"Want My Hatchet," "Green Crabapple Tree", "The Whale"

Thursday, June 26

# Grace Hicks Ezell—"Hog Driver," "Elf Knight," "Lonesome Dove," "Bertha," "Last Words," "Courtin Song," "Billy Grimes," "Twickenbarn Ferry"

Saturday, July 5

Grove Hill
# Mr. George A. Carleton—"Thunder," "When I Die," "Crap Shooter"
# Mrs. Laurie Carer Carleton—"GoTo Sleepy," "Alphabet Song," "Year of Jubilo," "Jay Bird," "The Fox in the Towneo," "Rebel Dog," "Ride Away," "Bull Frog Jumped," "The Black Cat," "The Fox in the Towneyo"
# Mary Chapman—"Mary Weep and Marthie Moan," "Go To Sleepy," "Mr. Tick Tock"
# Mrs. Katherine Leggitre—"Shoemaker Song," "Lazy John,"
# Annie Laurie Carleton—"Go To Sleepy," "Mr. Tick Tock"

# Kate Newton Middleton—"Johnny Was a Sailor," "7th of July' 47"

Sunday, July 6

# Julia Marechal—"Lord Uhlan's Daughrer," "Little Brown Jug," "Way Down on the Old Pee Dee," "Old Abe's Elected," "In the Year '61," "Year of Jubilo," "Before This War Broke Out," "Tum Tum A Loory," "Too Daddle Addle," "Jim, Jim, Oh Wind de Ball," "John de Baptist," " All the Pretty Little Horses," "Jim Crack Com," "The Pretty Girl That Winked At Me," "Katy's Secret," "Whipporwill Song," "Frog Went a Courtin," "Paper of Pins," "Robinson Crusoe," "Kitty Clyde," "Prohibition Song," "Mr. Bestor," "I Should Like to Marry," "Grandma's Advice," "Old Abe's Elected," "In Year' 61," "When I Was a Young Girl," "Tomorrow Morning," "Robin Rough and Gaffer Green," "Aunt Jennie's Plaster," "Squire Jones's Daughter"

Monday, July 7

# Middleton—"Smoke Goes Up the Chimney," "Melinda," "Melissa," "Trottin Song," "Whattcha Gonna Do," "Dance To Your Daddy," "See Dat Watermelon"

Point Clear
# Mrs. Katie Ladnier Dana (accordion), Mr. Sidney Ladnier (fiddle )—"The Fatal Wedding," "Dreadnaught," "Fifty Cents," "Over the Waves," "Tying Leaves," "The Lancers," "Goodnight Waltz," "Waltz Quadrille," "Schottische," "Waltz"
# Mrs. Gertmde Ladnier Crooks—"The Fatal Wedding," "Sailor Shanty"

Tuesday, July 8

# Mrs. May Randlette Beck—"Peter Simple," "Billy Boy," "Frog Went A Courtin," "Polly Wolly Doodle," "Billy Grimes," "Narrow," "Go Tell Aunt Rhody," "Springfield Mountain"
# Venetia Danner McLure—"Bayou Founiere," "My Southern Home," "Robbin Gray," "Baboon's Sister,"

Dog River, Mobile
# Mrs. Aimee McCormick King—Lord I Want to Live Like Jesus," "Po' Ole Piedy," "Wading in the Water," "Pray on After While,"
# Annie Dixon (at home of Mrs. Aimie King)— "Wonderful City," "Understand it Better Bye an' Bye," "The Hand of the Lawd," "Ain't Gonna Study War No More'"

# Elizabeth Henshaw Pillans and her daughter, Laura Pillans—"Buckeye Rabbit," "Low Long Weary Day," "Lulu," "Run Nigger Run," "Song of the Crow," Lord Lovell," "Hi Yo Dinken Darky," "Bro' Ephrarn"

Wednesday, July 9

# "From the Grayson's Aunt Nancy"—"Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry"